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BPitch: Various Artists - We Are Not Alone

Music Review by @amoexuba
Feb 12, 2021
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We Are Not Alone is a three part V/A dedicated to infamous We Are Not Alone event series by Ellen Allien at BPitch. Collection includes 33 tracks from an artist who’ve either played or will be appearing at future We Are Not Alone parties.

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

1. Ellen Allien - XTC
This one gives a profound feeling of personal development and a moment of enjoyment. A wonderful masterpiece of grace.

2. Introversion - Force Majeure
You have your force upon with you and this track gives you a clear feeling of control within and upon this force.

3. Insolate - Retrograde Motion
With a motion, you act like a painter on a dance floor. Manifesting your freedom, your love, your hope, will give you one.

4. DJ T-1000 - Frequency Kill
Take all the negative sides of your personality. Put them on the dance floor, and wait until frequency will kill them. Then celebrate the end of something, with a start of something.

5. Nocow - Let Them Fall
Let them fall and they will recognise that they can fly. Let them fall and while falling they will build a spaceship to leave this planet.

6. Alpha Tracks & Blue Hour - Lessons With Bob
If you want to become a master, take a lesson. If you have become a master, be a lesson. Bob knew this five years before you.

7. Cadency & Hadone - Crash It Here
The crash is an inevitable part of the chaos and dance-floor is a perfect place to in-balance chaos and order. Crash your identity, and take the new one with ease of dance.

8. Yan Cook - Lullaby
Take an active nap, while dancing, with this wonderful lullaby. Look what’s going on inside, find your self and have a silent dialogue with your force.

9. Lady Starlight - RE-15
Pure cosmic adventure of light, that bounces from stars and moon that goes straight into your eyes. Don’t close them to understand the message, but close them to apply the meaning.

10. P.leone - Bay Head
While drifting through the sea and waves, you can feel how responsible should bay head be. Use lighthouse if you want not to crash your ship in the bay.

11. Keith Carnal - Jerk Off
Try not to waste your time in an annoying way. Jerk off when the moment is silent. Be the thunder downside and a fire upside.

12. Rebekah - Last Summer
Last summer will never last, and this track will keep it going. Wonderful and meditative tune with a glance to the next summer.

13. Inhalt der Nacht - In Lust Verirrt
While the kick keeps pushing, your lust keep amplifying. Keep going & flare to each step of the sequence.

14. Tham - The Third Kind
Wow, this track resonates right into your mind. It craves all of your power and force, to rejoin your further existence, like the third kind.

15. Die Selektion - Herzschlag der Figur
This track manifests the strict mechanism of life. The truest celebration of motion, inside a heartbeat.

16. Maxime Iko - Cure+
Pure rave cure during the prime time. It cures all of a sudden and makes you pass through all your dreams and sorrows.

17. SHDW & Obscure Shape - Die Dunkle Bedrohung
The fragile moment of reuniting with your phantom. Ask for his a name. Ask a question. You will find the truth and meaning, but do not search for them.

18. Andrew Moore - That Makes Me So Horny
It makes horny, like the feeling of a monolith during the whole duration of a track. Wonderful peaks and falls, ups and downs.

19. Céií - Where Would You Be If I Didn’t Call You
There was a tale of a snake that eats itself. The name of a snake is Ouroboros. The name of a tale is unknown.

20. JakoJako - Mondschein
This is a beautiful story of Eos, the winged goddess of dawn, riding a lunar light, to crave for celestial grace.

21. Alien Rain - Dream Inceptor
The first sparks of human fantasy and self-discovery. Incepted by an open-minded person to an imaginary person.

22. Parallx - Alcea
Through the ventures and adventures, the flower that known as Alcea will grow high, up to the sky. A flower that eclipses the sun.

23. Ryan James Ford - EQ 10MG Base
Ten milligrams of bass that will blow you away. A wonderful mix of pads and sequences, on top of energetic rhythm.

24. Lada (Dasha Rush & Lars Hemmerling) - Kassi
A swinging bells, the hearts of ringing. While they form their presence, you settle yourself to dance.

25. Cosmin TRG - Sourde
We begin our lives on a zero hour, voiceless and bodiless, let us celebrate a wonderful mix of dance and whispers.

26. Heidi Sabertooth - Innergaze
Look inside, you can fly like a bird, you can see light and darkness, you can become an ocean or a wind. You can feel what you see and you can see what you feel.

27. Henning Baer - Nightwing Microlight
Through the crack of Nightwing, there is a tiny ray of microlight coming. It’s like a dot with nor beginning and nor end.

28. Setaoc Mass - Silent Tension
Silence is when something left unsaid. When you get deep into the silence the other voices may be heard. We are not alone even when we feel alone and quiet.

29. Truncate - Basic
Dance is an utmost basic need. Moves are what makes our lives differ from the stillness of the stone.

30. Shlomi Aber - Terrified
Don’t be terrified to live your life fully enough. You better be terrified of how fear can overcome you and make you inactive horrific machine.

31. Hemka - Culture
Culture mainly ruled by the human force of thought and expression, while it’s being immortal towards the time and space.

32. Bertrand. - Midsummer Dream
Midsummer dream of happiness and unity of all human beings. Wonderful track to celebrate midsummer dream.

33. Adriana Lopez - Chaos Transition
Chaos is one of the names given to prima materia. Creation is what chaos, transits into.





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