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Clommunity: Spekulant - Luxus Iskaliom

Music Review by @amoexuba
Jul 08, 2020
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Spekulant is a Kyiv based duo, created by founders of Progressive Future imprint, Konstantin Lobanov and Alex Savage, Closer club residents. A genuine analog live project that creates portals to inner reality.

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5
A1: Spekulant - Mr. Whatisyourname
This track takes your breath out from the first seconds. Grandiose pad, magic FX, and smash-hit beat will showcase to you pure Kyiv style.
Mood: Glue
A2: Spekulant w. Shakolin - Luxus Iskaliom
Luxus Iskaliom is a journey through the past with a glance at the future. Imagine ancient Egypt with its death-driven culture and architecture. This track is built to unlock inner selves.
Mood: Roots
B1: Spekulant - Subasstation
Subasstation takes your mind with the meditative dance. It has hidden meanings that create alarm like feeling and force you to think.
Mood: Thoughtful
B2: Spekulant - Osvald Jam
Imagine a community of ants, how they work, how they live, how they see us. This track is an OST to alienation.
Mood: Alienated




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