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EYA Records: Zolaa. - Zero Market EP (Etienne mix)

Music Review by @littlevanya
Sept 13, 2020
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Zolaa. released an EP called "Zero Market" on an "EYA Records" record label.

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5
A1: Silver Needle
The whisper of your memories. Of the last night, that goes around your ears, from the left side to the right side. Picture, picture, picture, are kicking you in the face, and you like a cost on the dancefloor looking for the enter. Mood: Subconsciousness

A2: Noctivagant
The track, like a waterfall, of acid activity that is going in a deep of the forest. Where the culture activity, is sitting around a fair, and playing drums.
Mood: Discover
B1: Horiy Spokiy
At the moment of listening to this track, I was on a top of the mountain watching the sunset, just finished my blunt, and the mounting was dancing, a lonely sunflower was turning to the sun, everything around was steel and joining the twilight. Being here is feels like this track needs silence and pleasure, as well as you were sitting on the top of the mountain. Silence is an old-new form like pleasure.
Mood: Silence
B2: Noctivagant (Etienne Mix)
Gravitation is going away from your body. You’re like a bubble that cruising around the sky. You touch the moon and going on another side of darkness. Seeing, there your ancestors, with big black eyes.
Mood: Consciousness




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