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Johns' Kingdom: Spekulant - Eat Your Mind

Music Review by @amoexuba
Jan 14, 2021

Eat your mind is a four-track EP by Spekulant, produced by Alex Savage and Konstantin Lobanov in collaboration with Timur Basha. Released on a Johns’ Kingdom label, the EP balances heavy-hitting analog textures with gentle transparent tones to craft their conventional yet progressive electro sound. All of the income from this EP, Johns' Kingdom will forward for the support of Alex Savage and his rehabilitation from addiction. All funds - will be used for the recovery and his well-being during the quarantine.

Release date: Dec 3, 2020

Order EP to save Alex Savage life ♥️

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5
1. Spekulant & Timur - Eat Your Mind
Immortal banger. The truest king of the dance floor. This track hides all of the beams and shadows that make the night so dark and light so bright.
Mood: Absolute
2. Jumpngap
This one boom straight in your heart. No matter where you from, who you are, and what music you like, this track boom for real, boom for true.
Mood: Boom for real
3. Dambo
When the ship swims through the forest, you probably get shocked. When this track hits on a party, you probably get the dance and happiness inside out. Are you ready for a swimming captain?
Mood: Wonder
4. Bells
What a distorted reality we live in? Double standards, lies, greed, stupidity, inhumanity, and no freedom. And if I say that there are loads of honesty, selfless, smart, humane, and free people. Just listen to the bells of your heart. Sounds always sound as they are.
Mood: Dualism




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