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Kindergarten Records: Ma Sha Ru - Zer0

Music Review by @littlevanya
Apr 01, 2020

Amazing combination of two artists, Ma Sha the Russian soul, and the mister from Italy. They released the second EP together called Ma Sha Ru - Zer0 on they record label called Kindergarten records.

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

1. Slew
The industrial beat and the entrance that taking you to the Kindergarten Records of Ma Sha Ru. Showing you the way and what’s the rules here.

2. Zer0
Next is going Zero zero zero, twisting your brainwaves in a downward spiral and then back to the top. The beat is going strong and like a starship flying between the stars.

3. It’s a Forest Rave
I think better then the name of this track nothing is gonna describe it. But from myself, I just want to say that it feels like the beat is punching you in the face and showing you the real forest rave.

4. Showers
From listening to Showers, I just want to put my sunglasses on and full apart with the music on the dancefloor.




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