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Kirill Nilsson

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Kirill Nilsson is a Ukrainian born, Stockholm based DJ. He likes to experiment with a sound he’s so happy to open and to close any party as much as to perform at prime time. He plays house, techno & breakbeat. He lives in between two cities - Stockholm & Kyiv. Different audiences allow him not to become a hostage of one narrow genre in his DJ sets. He’s a part of the team behind the Club Botánica in Stockholm. At the time he has been studying in the Swedish city Karlstad, he with two of his friends, Filip Hjert and Elias Sand, have opened a club called Dunkel.

“My musical taste has been formed thanks to Closer, also I discovered a wide palette of genres in Panorama Bar and club Botánica, of course. In my spare time, I often listen to RadioMeuh. It stands behind such genres like ambient, funky, disco, and so on, which can give you a rest from the club music.”





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