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Kolia Nemoi: Artviews, EX_NEGATIVO & influences

Interview by @valeriiakaraman, @ewa_nomad
May 7, 2020
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    Kolia Nemoi is a 20 y.o. painter, tattoo artist and musician based in Kiev. He started his painting career in 2016. His works bring us its mystical images that send the viewer to a place full of darkness and total paranoia. The reality he creates is a warning dictated by observing human desires.

How did Nemoi got into association EX_NEGATIVO?

    Kolia Nemoi doesn’t really remember how exactly did he end up in EX_NEGATIVO, that time Slava Kononov talked about how he was going to organize an exhibition, he talked to Kolia about his ideas and got him in. The first things he started to paint was Ugly Graffiti, he didn’t think about contemporary art then. In graffiti, he didn’t like “one thing” those fonts, some kind of framework feels there, certain forms that someone had given, that’s what was bothering him. While all the boys drew fonts, he drew characters. His style could be explained as an expressive primitive drawing with notes of darkness.

    The guys who inspired Kolia: Coconut Clan, Еuthanasia Sport, White Tower, but most of all he’s inspired by the absurdity rushing wherever he appeares.

Does he define himself more as a tattoo artist or as an artist?

    Kolia Nemoi believes that in the first place he’s an artist who has found himself in many different ways of expressing art, tattooing is one of them.

What does it take to start a new picture, planning carefully or spontaneous lightening?

    He only brings unconscious art, everything was invented during the process. Now the approach has changed, he is producing ideas, to transform and express them on paper, canvas, leather, etc.

What does he think about the cultural process taking place in Kiev?

    Everything is very bad with the cultural process. A lot of people behave like wild animals. A young audience is not ready to delve into the essence of art, their heads are mostly clogged with other stuff. Adults have the impression that art is beautiful, but only classical, but they’re too weak for the contemporary art. People are afraid to discover something new. But, of course, there is always a middle ground - this is the audience which I want to deal with.





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