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Nene H: about music production, ∄ club, Kyiv and favorite things

Interview by @ewa_nomad
Nov 4, 2020
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Hi, how are you? :)

I am fine has been working a lot, and I am happy about what I have been doing. But I am tired. This month we have a partial lockdown in Berlin, and I will take this time to cool off. My cooling off means doing a lot but with less stress. :)

Can you tell us how you decide to become a musician? Was it hard?

I had decided from the moment I started playing the piano, and I was ambitious. I was 11 when I started, and back then, I loved challenges, and I was ok with things being hard. I chose this path then and from 13 on, where I started at the conservatory, and never did anything else but music.

Is it your main profession?

Yes, this and being a pain in the ass to my friends. :))

Where do you write your music, and what instruments do you use?

I have my home studio, and I like working from home, but it has its downsides to it. Sometimes it becomes unhealthy to stay at home all the time. I have lots of analog gears like synths, modular, effect machines, drum machines, and I have my piano here.

Is it a difficult thing to be a woman in this industry?

It is a difficult thing to be a woman, but it is harder to be a non-European woman. More disadvantages if you are Muslim, if you are a person of color, if you are an Asian, and so on.

Can you describe your routine?

I am an early bird. On my good days, I wake up early, take a walk, eat my breakfast, and start getting shit done. During days I wake up, and I know it is not my day, and I stay in bed all day and watching stupid web.

Is it easier for you to write music alone or with somebody?

Alone it is challenging differently - while working with someone is challenging in other ways. I think I am used to working alone more, but I am comfortable working with anybody. It just happens that I do not make a lot of collaborations.

What gives value to an artist?

I look for originality, honesty, realness, passion, kindness.

I was at your concert at the ∄ club. Can you tell us how you prepared for it and how everything went?

We played two times, and I think Friday went a lot better. We learned a lot from Thursday and could improve many things on our Friday show. We have had an enjoyable working environment. In projects like this, if you are surrounded by people who are trying to make things as perfect as possible, and they are doing this in a chill and loving way, then the work becomes a pleasure to participate in, and results are enormously cool in the end. I was happy to be part of this process and the performance. Musically we prepared our acts before we met in Kyiv, and we rehearsed there a day before and on the days of a musical performance.

What can you say about ∄ the club?

It is my favorite club on earth and in the universe. It is the best club in so many ways, and it is a future. I can not wait until Corona will over, and I will fly there to party any week I am free.

I think that you traveled a lot. What is the difference between Ukraine and the European/International scene? Do you feel it?

The difference is that you have ∄, and others have not. :))) But yea, there is a big difference between cities or scenes and then similarities to others, I would say. For instance, I think it is more similar to what is going on in Copenhagen. I like the noncommercial ness of it all and hope it stays this way.

How did the quarantine affect you?

Moneywise - in a bad way, but there have been good sides to it. Less money, more time. Psychologically I think it affected everyone. Many people, including me, got confused about the future. But not knowing and not being able to make any plans can be a good thing, though. You learn to give in and accept everything as they are. I have moments where I struggle with it, though.

Where do you search tracks for your mixes, and how much time you spend on it?

I search at Bandcamp and Discogs (which gives you youtube links, though it works for me). I spend a lot of time finding good tracks. You might end up checking out one label for hours because you liked one of the tracks from that label.

I started to write music not long ago. Can you advise anything to young musicians?

Oh, that is nice. I would advise you to start easy. Pick one or a maximum of two instruments and work with them or work with Ableton. Once you learn one tool, it is easier to understand the other. Studio tools are all connected, and when you master one of the tracks, the others will catch easier, and it is cheaper to work with one thing. Do not complicate yourself with different things. Remember that in the end, you are trying to make music.

Do you think it is possible to be a successful and talented musician without well-planned promotion?

You would not gain talent from the promotion, but yes, it is possible to be successful without well-planned promotion or people pushing you. I have been around for quite a long time, but I am horrible at it, and I didn’t work with a PR person until now. But still, I would say that I made it this far, and I like to think that it is possible.

What are your plans for the future?

I hope I can stay healthy and strong to keep on doing what I am doing for the next 20 years. For the shorter period, after I drop my first album, I want to create my label. Let’s see how that goes.

What is your favorite place in Kyiv, and why?

∄ of course, because it is my fav club, on earth like I said. :))

What is your favorite country, and why?

My favorite country was Turkey - until I noticed Indonesia. Then when I saw Indonesia. Now, my favorite, country is Germany. No, I am joking. It is Indonesia because of Raja Ampat. With all the nature and underwater world, it is breathtaking. It is beyond imagination. We, humans, tend to fuck up everything, but that place is pure, and hope it stays like that.

Tell us three of your favorite musicians/artists who influenced you.

In my earlier years, where I was more focused on playing live, SØS Gunver Ryberg, Hiro Kone, Puce Mary influenced me a lot with their live performances. These last years since I am becoming more and more of a DJ, my close friends who are sick vinyl-only DJs, DJ Tool, Ezy, DJ Spit have been influencing me to play vinyl.

Thanks, a lot! ♥️




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