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Poker Flat Recordings: Steve Bug - Never Ending Winding Roads

Music Review by @amoexuba
Jun 18, 2021
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Never Ending Winding Roads is an LP written and produced by Steve Bug, released by the Poker Flat Recordings. LP includes 11 excellent analog tracks.

“My mindset when making Never Ending Winding Roads was completely different to any other project I have embarked on. I didn’t have to tour, and instead could focus 100% on writing music without having the dance-floor as a constant influence. This allowed me creative freedom to explore a range of styles and emotions, and as a result, it is the album I feel most satisfied with to date.” – Steve Bug

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

1. Ludic Loops
Wow, this album starts right away from a mysteriously excellent sequence. It takes a breath away.
Mood: Lucid Mystery
2. A Conscious Machine
Uf, this 808 kicks right at a heart. This track melodically is so colourful, and a baseline gives another perspective of consciousness.
Mood: Flow
3. Locked Away In My Head
This thought was locked away in my head for a long time. It’s time to go dance and smoke out that thought with emotion.
Mood: Whirl
4. Electro Harmonix
Wow, this one takes you away deep inside. From the first beats, you are starting to float inside your universe and see hidden gems that are making yourself you.
Mood: Internal Floating
5. The Clock Is Ticking
The clock is ticking, and you are going fast. Wake up, run, go to sleep. The circle of life is never changing, and you better run than walk.
Mood: Sync
6. Hijacked Minds
Evening. Walking through the street and seeing all those creations in balanced. Aliens, vampires, wolverines, ghosts, and others. Everybody friendly to each other, because they know that they are going to the same party.
Mood: Hijacked
7. The Awakening
Your mind has finally awakened, and you see the secrets sauce of life. Your sense is rambling across all meanings and symbols, feeling every spirit and intention.
Mood: Wisdom
8. Yellow Snake
This track takes you on an adventure with a yellow snake. The snake will show you all of the beauties and dualities of the world. Today you feel blessed, and tomorrow cursed. Let it go, and it will go.
Mood: Fragile
9. Confidence Dub
This dub directs you to the unknown while producing your fearlessness. When you are confident in what you do, you are beautiful and fabulous.
Mood: Fearlessness
10. Raindance 101
Your face is beautifully shimmering in the dark while you are dancing. Iconic thoughts go through your head and developing a future that you will live. What a wonderful and rare radiance.
Mood: Icon
11. Upon Mountains
There was a legend about a giant who lived upon mountains. He was as generous as he was big. Everybody who lived around the mountain loved him because he took everyone on his shoulders and showed a world around.
Mood: Generous




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