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Ready in LED: Disco trance selection for time traveling

Playlist by @readyinled
Apr 23, 2021
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Ready in LED aka Olya Dibrova, is a Ukrainian singer and music artist. She writes music and songs for decades and is a former part of Gorchitza and DVOE bands. While working on Unreal EP, she found out that loads of releases she is getting inspiration from – rooted in disco trance. Right now, this style is promoted by Gerd Janson’s label “Running back,” in Prince Thomas album “Traens,” and by the guys from Popoff Kitchen. She has recorded a disco trance mix for a radio station based in Brighton, NY called 1BTN. Ready in LED currently working on upcoming release in disco trance style and planning to test some of the tracks at debut live show in Closer on May 15.

1. Space Manoeuvres - Stage One (Shan Remix)

2. FNP – Weeks of Rain

3. Mouissie – Callisto

4. Prins Thomas – Traens 5

5. Digitalism – Trans Global LTD.

6. David Jackson – Oohhyyee!

7. Andy Bros – Romantico

8. Roland Tings - First Wave

9. Max Essa - Matinee (Lukkas Club Mix)

10. Alex Niggemann & Speaking Minds - Disco Tedesco

11. Ivan Fabra – Take a Break (Prins Thomas Remix)

12. Storken – Lille Vals

13. Silicodisco – Heartland





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