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Система: Jean Grünewald - Fin Du Monde Et Autres Réalités

Music Review by @amoexuba
May 15, 2020

Upcoming release on a Система label, from Montreal based producer Jean Grünewald aka ottoman.grüw. “Fin Du Monde Et Autres Réalités” EP is an experimental sonic reflection about our era; its contradictions and its end. Post-civilisation, raw and industrial pieces, recorded during field-recording and distorted in the studio to give a glance on our own existance.   

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5
1: Simulacres, bruits de fond, lignes de fuite
Sounds like a glimpse on a post-civilizational plants and creatures.
Mood: Small & Big
2: Ideologia 1871
Full of chimes and spiritually guides you throug the dynamics of future life.
Mood: Spiritual
3: Couleur INDOLORE
This one sounds like a water creatures that are trying to dissolve in darkness.
Mood: Underwater winds
4: DOULEUR incolore
Post-civilisational transmitters and birds that fly around them and sing their song in unisone with machines.
Mood: Cyber
5: Affektenlehre
This track represants post-civilisational culture and entertainment.
Mood: Signals
6: Fin Du Monde Et Autres Réalités
Tension and evolution of thought. It is a story of a thought that became a signal, and evolved in waveforms.
Mood: Move




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