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Трип: buttechno - badtrip

Music Review by @amoexuba
Dec 04, 2019

Release Date: November, 2019

Pavel Milyakov is a sound artist based in Moscow, Russia, with his hot release “badtrip” on a трип records.

His eccentric music explorations helped to form the actual realm of Russian electronica, with a continual study into the extremes of rhythm-based music and spatial manipulation.

badtrip show’s different sides of the comic and the deranged groove. Drawing heavily on improvisation, his productions sit (un)comfortably at the intersection of overarching paranoia and delirious joy. Listen to this album on vinyl, which is already available.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5
The confused and groovy intro track, in it’s best. Mysterious sequence, that takes you into another dimension and analog drums that keep your dance on fire.
A2: U.D.U.
Async track that explores boundaries of moves and rhythmics. The awesome and high dimension of sonic experience.
B1: j become
This one goes as a dancefloor killer. 4x4 groove with obscure vocals. This track can keep dancefloor dancing for a long time.
B2: ferenz-18
Ferenz is a great example of analog drums and modular sequences synergy. A beautiful and colorful track that explores thirst, with its hypnotic 4x4 rythm.
C1: pkds
Quick and thin sequence on top, dazed vocals, synergic kick, and base, are cooking recipes for a total 4x4 banger.
C2: tr-919
Analog exploration with vocals taken from PKDS and a more harsh groove, spiced with analog drums.
D1: rokton
Acid banger which will lead you into the night with smooth transitions and mysterious melodies on top.
D2: wb movement
Oh, this one goes wild with a raw bass and 4x4 kick. Clear glance and interesting exploration of moves on the dancefloor.
D3: h9s
A great closing track that lets you re-identification of the night and has “a one-way ticket” to the strobe and laser.




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