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Throttle Records: Gajek - Vitamin D

Music Review by @littlevanya
Oct 15, 2020
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Gajek released an album called "Vitamin D" on a "Throttle Records" label, with a premiere of a music video on a track called "Double Bind Avenue." 

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5
1. Present Your Work
This track starts immediately with a strong spiritual message to young artists. Wonderful and mesmerizing palette.
Mood: Inspiring

2. The Shape Of Pipes To Come
This one goes hard as the traveling does. It makes you feel alive, as the traveling does. The quintessence of adventure through a path.
Mood: Adventurous
3. Double Bind Avenue
Unique piece of authentic marginal states of feeling. The revelation of a golden age.
Mood: Floating margin
4. Doorslams And Rock Slides
This one reminds me of all connectedness. The true spirit of nature, life, and death. The progressive myth of Krautrock with all sides of sudden.
Mood: Environmental
5. Balcony Development
Imagine non-stop development of cubical apartments with balconies all over the place. A balance between irrational and rational.
Mood: Urban
6. And Yet It Feels Unplugged
Oda to everyone unplugged through plugin-in. Gorgeous masterpiece, while yet it feels unplugged.
Mood: Plugged-in
7. People With Nicknames
Dopamine bomb. Total mind-expanding experience. Shear of our generation.
Mood: Mirror
8. When You Play The Flute, But Your Mother Is Like...
Ha-ha. Wow, what a bright track. Millions of ideas and endless creative energy.
Mood: Care
9. Summer Of Ecko
A deep flight through secret basements, where machines built out of the trash and stolen parts. Elegant soundscapes.
Mood: Blame
10. Western Aliens
Forward-thinking & deep moving work of great sincerity and emotional immediacy. An advanced extraterrestrial feeling of love and light.
Mood: Alienation
11. Baba Wanga
Deep and active trance through dormant evil. Hymn of rationality and mystery.
Mood: Mysterious
12. No Peace In Stones
What a beautiful vibration. This track is connected to nature boldly. A never-ending story, with a beautiful pa. Mood: Nature

Gajek - The Shapes Of Pipes To Come





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