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Yuku: Chrizpy Chriz - Warp Crawler

Music Review by @amoexuba
Apr 18, 2021
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Warp Crawler is an LP written and produced by Chrizpy Chriz. LP includes 15 wonderful tracks, two of which was co-produced with Smol and yunis.

“As an artist, at some point art begins to create itself, this is how it works for me. The creation of this album was less of a choice and more of a subconscious action that lead to result. These are my surroundings, feelings, and visions in a body of work. Influenced by an enveloping darkness, distortion, and warped reality.”

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5

1. Dark Satate
An excellent intro that explodes like a ticking bomb, throwing a powerful message through time and space.
Mood: Explosion
2. Hollow Point
This creature lives apart from anything imaginable. Constantly, searching through glances and whispers for a place at the infernal storm.
Mood: Searchable 
3. Sewer Rat Mob
What a party, hosted by souls, in between heaven doors and hell gates. Perfect place to reunite.
Mood: Reunite
4. Chrizpy Chriz x Smol - Black Widow
Black widow dancing on a white pillow. Savage first, and then will stay. Mood: Savage
5. Mentally Broken
Mental hardship with a brittle flow. A solemn thought of a glorious mind. Mood: Solemn
6. Intoxicated
Do you realise how important it is to be intoxicated once? Without knowing how it was, you have a real damn hardship to be clean.
Mood: Mesmerising
7. Discomfort
My sword and vain shall cease the discomfort. My tremble and wept will guide me apart to nowhere.
Mood: Hero
8. Compulsion
Moaning as compulsive as it is. Pathless ways with a fancied image strays in darkness. Weeping weak with a hollowing piteous shriek.
Mood: Moan
9. Frayed
An explosion of powerful energies. Wicked royal tune full of golden glimpses and solemn baselines. Mood: Wicked
10. Trauma
Kicks right in the core of mankind. Trauma keeps developing society in an unpredicted way, to rejoice and triumph in life.
Mood: Rejoice
11. Erratic
Shifting through the darkness, with no roof, with no destination, with no thoughts, but pure emotions. May the heavens rain wrath as thick as northern fogs, around your gates, to choke you up.
Mood: Shift
12. Stomp Box
Spirit feels when music alarming to move. Body do the job unconsciously, while music kicking your heart out. Mood: Rearrangement
13. Monsterpiece
Throwing things into the darkness is a feeling that every person had once in a while. Curiosity makes you throwing because of the scarcity of knowing what is there.
Mood: Scarcity
14. Burnt Wires
Evening. City glowing in soft lights, and all the energies traverse from person to person. You are now feeling like everybody, and everybody now feels like you.
Mood: Royal Exchange
15. Chrizpy Chriz x yunis - Janky
There is a space around, where everybody lays and dance at the same time. Music is loud there, and you keep seeing all those glimpses of creations that exist inside of you. You are trying to reach them, but you cannot. They reached you.
Mood: Fantasy




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