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Ma Sha Ru: Kindergarten records launch & upcoming release

Interview by @littlevanya
Apr 3, 2020
Ma Sha Ru announced the launch of Kindergarten records on 29th, May 2020 with a “Zer0” EP on board. Listening to the release itself, you will recognize an interesting blend of chaotic energies and rational structures. For sure, it is a club-ready release, mixed with a powerful electro, techno and even UK bass rhythms. We had a small conversation with Ma Sha Ru:

For how long do you guys know each other?
Ma Sha & Rù: Rú and I know each other since Fall 2017.

What inspired you to create the “Zer0” EP?
Ma Sha & Rù: Sweaty Sunday dancefloor, the heat of the concrete and friends visiting from abroad to see us in Berlin.

Which are your favorite tracks from “Zer0” EP?
Ma Sha & Rù: A1 and B1 during the high energy times and B2 during introspective moments and A2 on a sunny morning. :)

Can you list gear that was used for “Zer0” EP?

Ma Sha & Rù: MPC 3000, MFB-522, Boss DR660, Korg Minilogue, Behringer Model D, Novation Bass Station 2, Casio CZ and 303 VST, Ableton.

Where do you get inspiration from during the creative process?
Ma Sha & Rù: Inspiration from b2b unexpected music actions

How long did it take to produce “Zer0” EP and which difficulties did you faced?
Ma Sha & Rù: It took us three months to finish the project. No specific difficulties during that specific period of time. :)

Your favorite artist?

Ma Sha: Nightmares on Wax

Rù: James Stinson

Your favorite movie?

Ma Sha: Enter The Void
Rù: Napoleon Dynamite

Your favorite book?

Ma Sha: Murakami - Norwegian Wood
Rù: Kerouac - On The Road

What are you doing during quarantine?
Ma Sha & Rù: Making new tunes, drinking wine and making love :)

What is your weirdest performance?
Ma Sha & Rù: Doing live in a mechanical shop in Queens this past February.

If you weren’t musicians who would you like to be?
Ma Sha: I would be building robots in MIT lab
Rù: Farmer in my hometown in Italy

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